Sniper Rifle with UFPS

If you are using the Mobile Add-On, follow this link.

Hello all. I’m back again with another video. This time, I made a sniper rifle video and am including the below script. I hope this is helpful to all. Also, please click some ads if you like the videos and want me to do more.

Nothing super fancy with the Script, but I actually like how well it works. Especially since I did not have to change any scripts that come with UFPS.

FYI – I just added the ability to Zoom in and out based on Mouse Scroll Wheel
NOTE = UNCOMMENT LINES 39 and 54 if you are using UFPS 1.5

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class SniperScript : MonoBehaviour {

public Texture DefaultCrosshair = null;//Default Crosshair - use UFPS
public Texture SniperCrosshair=null;//Sniper Crosshair - make your own
public float FieldOfViewSetting=9f;//Maxmium Zoom amount
public float fovMultiplier=2f;

protected vp_FPPlayerEventHandler m_Player = null;
protected vp_SimpleCrosshair m_crosshair=null;
protected vp_FPCamera m_camera=null;
Camera myCamera=null;

float DefaultFOV=60f;//Default FieldOfView that your weapon is set to
float maxFOV=60f;//Maximum FieldOfView will equal the DefaultFOV. You may want to cut this in half
public float tempFOV=0f;//Temporary holder for the current Field of View

protected virtual void Awake()

m_Player = GameObject.FindObjectOfType(typeof(vp_FPPlayerEventHandler)) as vp_FPPlayerEventHandler; // cache the player event handler
m_crosshair = GameObject.FindObjectOfType(typeof(vp_SimpleCrosshair)) as vp_SimpleCrosshair; // cache the Simple Crosshair
m_camera = GameObject.FindObjectOfType(typeof(vp_FPCamera)) as vp_FPCamera; // cache the Simple Crosshair


void OnGUI ()
// m_crosshair.HideOnFirstPersonZoom=false;//UNCOMMENT THIS FOR UFPS 1.5
tempFOV+=Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel")*-fovMultiplier;//Assign temp zoom times -2. Scroll forward zoom in. Raise or lower -2 for quicker zooming
//Handle the Zooming using the Mouse ScrollWheel.

if(tempFOV>=maxFOV)//IF we have reached the Maximum, then don't zoom out anymore. Might want to cut it in half here
else if(tempFOV<=FieldOfViewSetting)//If we reached closest zoom level, then stop zooming in
m_camera.RenderingFieldOfView=tempFOV;//Apply our Zoom amount

// m_crosshair.HideOnFirstPersonZoom=true; //UNCOMMENT THIS FOR UFPS 1.5

Below is my Zoom Settings – basically the same as Pistol Zoom. Feel free to copy the other settings off the video at the end.

// Component Preset Script

ComponentType vp_FPWeapon
ShakeSpeed 0.05
ShakeAmplitude 0.5 0 0
PositionOffset 0 -0.58 0.17
RotationOffset 0.4917541 0.015994 0
PositionSpringStiffness 0.055
PositionSpringDamping 0.45
RotationSpringStiffness 0.025
RotationSpringDamping 0.35
RenderingFieldOfView 9
RenderingZoomDamping 0.2
BobAmplitude 0.5 0.4 0.2 0.005
BobRate 0.8 -0.4 0.4 0.4
BobInputVelocityScale 15
PositionWalkSlide 0.2 0.5 0.2



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  1. Hello my home image does not appear but the other takes you know why? sorry for the spelling (google translation)


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