Android – Zombies-Sniper

Zombies will be a growing series of action games with the main focus on killing zombies. Some of these games will also involve other creatures. The zombies in this first game will completely ignore you. You will not be so lucky with the other games in this series.

Zombies – Sniper is the first game in this series which allows you to remain at a distance to practice your sniping skills, or get up close and personal to zombies or pumpkins. The zombies wander in random directions starting from varying distances away from you. While they look menacing, these zombies are oblivious to you, so you can get as close as you like. With unlimited ammunition, blaze away using the different weapons, each with different settings. The slow motion camera provides some up close carnage. You also have the ability to customize your Aiming speed, Movement speed, and sound volumes which automatically save to your preferences so they will be ready for the next time you play. There are a few types of zombies and more levels to come. If you like the game, click on some ads as this is a free game. Feel free to provide a rating and comments.

Link for the Game on Google Play

Link for the Game on Kongregate


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